A Look at Fillmore’s Past

School Days at the Fillmore Historical Museum

     Escape the classroom and enjoy an outing with your students. Visit our Fillmore Historical Museum, just a few minutes walk from your school to our front door.
     Our museum features three historical buildings: a 1905 craftsman-style home, built for Dr. Ira Hinkley; an 1887 Southern Pacific Depot; and our 1919 Rancho Sespe Bunkhouse.
     A museum docent will take you on a personal tour, answering questions for your curious students.
     We will divide your class into groups of six to eight students. This will make it easier for students to take in our displays and ask questions about the items on display.
    May we suggest that your class pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic on the grass just steps from our museum.

    The bunkhouse found a permanent home on our Main Street property in February of 1995. In the middle of the night huge equipment brought the building east from Rancho Sespe to its new home. Again, volunteers dug in and, by moving walls and reinforcing the structure, turned the one-time dormitory into display rooms, research rooms and a museum office and gift shop.
    Home to Fillmore’s first dentist, this 1905 craftsman-style house was moved onto the property in 1994.
    Volunteers devoted hundreds of hours of labor to bring this house back to life. The Hinckley House became the temporary home of the museum until the restoration of the Rancho Sespe Bunkhouse was completed. Your class will enjoy seeing what life looked like in the early 1900’s.
    The Southern Pacific Railroad laid tracks along the north side of the Santa Clara River Valley and Fillmore started to grow. Our 1887 depot’s first home was very close to Central Avenue. It includes an agent’s office and freight room. The depot was purchased from the Southern Pacific Railroad and moved to a temporary location and now rests on the Fillmore Historical Museum park.